IT Networks

IT Networks


For any organisation with 5 or more users, a network is the backbone that enables productivity gains and increased efficiency in today’s competitive business environment. You need a network solution that delivers constant information and is optimised for peak performance.

However, the complexity of implementing and maintaining an optimised computer network is no longer a simple process. Integrating diverse technologies while allowing for more flexibility and mobile working practices places great pressure on organisations.

A1S qualified project managers specialise not only designing the project implementation plan; we also have a direct chain of suppliers to supplement your implementation strategy with the latest technology at the best possible price.

Network Infrastructure strategy plans are key in being able to support the growth of your business in a 3-5 year span based on these key items:

Anticipated Rate of company growth (Users) IBM Server 100x100 Domain Control, Group Policies, Active directory
Sage CRM icon 100x100 Anticipated Business applications DB 100x100 Anticipated Database Management resources
vpnoneclick logo 100x100 VPN & Remote Networking intranet icon 3d 100x100 Internal (Intranet) Design & implementation
books within cloud icon 100x100 Client/Server hardware and software requirements


If you are planning to implement an efficient IT network or optimize your current infrastructure setup please contact us and one of our project managers will be ready to assist you.


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