Business Start-up Package

Business Start-up Package



Starting a business is a hard enough period as it is.  Having to find funding, new clients, payroll software, and a wealth of other things.  No matter how big or small the company, we’ve all been there.  Here at Alpha 1 Systems, we understand this a little more than most, and that’s why we’re here to help.  If you’ve got your own computer, then why not take our Business Line, Broadband & WiFi package with the Virtual Phone System and 0845 No.?  Throw in another option, and you have a great bundle that’s suited to your business.

Give us a call now and choose from any 3 of the following:

phone and 0845 icon 100x100 Virtual Phone System & 0845 Number

Make and Receive calls with your own Non-Geographic number, so if you do need to divert to your mobile, or you grow in years to come, it’s as simple as changing where the 0845 points to, and you won’t need to rebrand.  Included is a 2 handset Cisco bundle, that only requires a broadband connection to get you calling, with features such as Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Automated Attendant/IVR, Music on Hold, Call Divert, Call Transfer, and many more!

WiFi rev1 100x100 icon Business Line, Broadband, & WiFi

Installed in your office space, enabling you to make and receive calls, and connect to the internet.  We also provide a 4 port WiFi router, so whether you have PCs, Laptops, Tablets, or Smart Phones, you’ll be up and running in no time!

email-hosting 2 rev1 100x100 Hosted Email & Cloud Storage

The first few months of a business are crucial, and here at Alpha 1 Systems, we understand that any mistakes made at this time, will affect you later on.  Hosted Email and Cloud Storage means that you can get on with running your business, no matter if you’re in the office, at home, or at the park… You’ll have access to your files from any internet connection in the world, at any time you need!

web-design rev1 100x100 Website & Branding Package

As specialists in Website Design and Branding, we’ve got the tools right for you and your business.  Tell us what you’re doing, how you’ve got in mind of what you want from it and what it needs to do, and leave the rest to us.  We’ll call and email you with proofs along the way, so you can check that everything is going according to your standard.  Any revisions that need doing will be done between our correspondence, so you remain in control from start to finish!

laptop-icon 100X100 Desktop PC or Laptop & MFP 

It’s the 21st Century; no business can survive these days without some sort of Internet connection and a device to connect with.  Whether you prefer dedicated PCs or wish to have something a little more portable, we’ll give you either one, along with a Multi-function Printer, so you can Print, Scan, and Copy – a business necessity!

house-alarm-icon rev1 100x100 Intruder Alarm

Renting Office Space, or working from home?  Safe guard your vital equipment and data by protecting it with a Professional Intruder Alarm, fitted by professionals!

cctv icon rev1 100x100 CCTV

CCTV these days is growing and growing in use, and wouldn’t have done so, if it hadn’t proven itself as a deterrent.  Not only that, but it makes proving in court that much easier – whether your staff are stealing from you or taking extended breaks, a customer claims they slipped and claims compensation, or you have an unwelcome visitor.   Having a CCTV system will mean it’s far easier to prove your case, and will save you time and money!

From Only £999.00 + VAT

If you require more than 3, then please call us now and tell us you’re just starting in the business world, and see if we can’t help you from the start.  We’re here to build long-lasting relations with our customers, and hope we’ll have your custom for years to come!