Access Control

Access Control

Access control security systems are ineffective without the proper planning and layout. That’s why analysing specific property needs is a service in which our Engineers excel. Combining our expertise in proper security design with our knowledge of Access Control Solutions, we can create the ultimate in efficient security and protection for commercial and residential clients.

We offer a vast array of security products including keypad only, keypad and/or card activated entry, biometric finger-print or palm scanners, with the option of having these integrated into a networked communication system, or simply stand alone for single door access.

Placing any combination of these security solutions in the appropriate locations is key in the defence of any property. We offer extensive recommendations for product selection and create custom security blueprints for each unique configuration.

Security you can count on, our products represent the epitome of safety and protection. Each product in our line of Security Solutions is manufactured using only the best materials guaranteed to resist rust, discoloration and wear. When you rely on Alpha 1 Systems, you work with a company that will work with you. With security solutions you can count on and support you can trust, we provide the best in protection, right where you need it most.

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Access to your secure areas through a PIN code, that can be either the same, or different per user so you can log users as they “clock in” and “clock out”


Access to your secure areas through a combination of PIN coded entry, with the additional security of a Coded CARD to be used also


Access to your secure areas through a High Security use of Biometrics, from fingerprint or palm print to others


Why use several systems, when you can have one simple solution? See when your staff, and by their ID, who of your staff, came in in the morning and at what time, left during the day, who opened which door at what time..


Make changes such as configure access to doors for users and groups at the click of a mouse, whether somebody has lost their card, due to staff redundancies, or any other reason you may have