Intercom / Entry Systems

Intercom / Entry Systems

We provide equipment, installation, repairs and maintenance of Door Entry Systems. Also known as intercom or entry phone systems they come in Audio and Video, standalone or networked with a wide range of locking mechanisms.

Whether you are looking for a new installation or repair of an existing system, we can provide good practical advice and a no obligation proposal with a free consultation at your site.

Our Access Control and Intercom systems are designed to control traffic through various doors. It enables you to electronically restrict who has access to your building and furthermore, areas within your building. Whilst traditional mechanical locks allow you to secure your building, lost or stolen keys are both extremely costly and inconvenient to replace, with the chance of non-restricted keys having been copied reducing security even further.

By installing an Audio/Video Intercom system, it will allow a caller to raise an audible tone to a number of handsets allowing the operator to have two-way speech with the calling party. The operator can then allow or decline access to the building without the need to go to the door, increasing efficiency and security, by vetting callers prior to opening your front door.

For commercial aspects with multiple doors, or flats and office blocks, we have a range of suited Entry Systems that can be used to provide access to and from multiple routes of entry. Egress is usually provided with a Push-to-Exit button on the inside of the front door, which with a touch will grant access.

For residential properties, we have a number of Entry Systems that can provide a simple one-to-one caller to handset communications, with either Audio only, or Audio and Video through your handset, or systems with a single door to multiple monitors (hallway, landing, kitchen, etc.).


In order to fit your needs and requirements as closely as possible, Alpha 1 Systems studies each specific Customer Request. After analysis, our products are chosen and tailored to fit your requests.


In order for us to tailor make our responses, we have a wide variety of products to choose from. After evaluating a huge range of products, we’ve chosen only the ones that perform, whether they’re mechanical or touchscreen!


Our engineers work with our huge range of products, and know what is required from them at all times. From simple things such as tidying up after themselves, to product and technical knowledge


Features: Audio conferencing, group calls, call forwarding, call transfer, voice messaging, privacy mode, call waiting, and many more are available, with PoE and WiFi as options also


Tried and tested systems that hold up under heavy use! We provide a 12 months guarantee with all of our equipment and labour, so you can rest assured everything will simply work!