Wired Vs Wireless Comparison

Wired Vs Wireless Comparison

There are two main types of intruder alarms or burglar alarm systems:

Wired burglar alarms comprise of a number of electronic sensors that are connected to a control panel by low-voltage wiring and are governed by the British Standards (BS) EN 50131 and BS 4737 series of standards. These are installed into new properties and buildings, and also existing during refurbishment as it is more convenient to run the wiring at these times. Of course, wired intruder alarms can be installed into a property that is not having any work done to it at all, although this would mean that installation would require the furniture to be moved, with carpets and floor boards lifted to create access for cabling.

Wireless Intruder Alarm London Burglar Alarm 100×100 Wireless burglar alarms, as the word suggests, use battery powered sensors that are “connected” to a control panel by narrowband RF signals (radio signals). These used to be governed by BS 6799, but are now included in the BS EN 50131 series of standards for intruder alarms. Wireless intruder alarms are very quick to install, and are used for homes, offices, and properties where you don’t want to disturb the decor. The only minor downside is that the sensor batteries have to be changed from time to time, but with emerging technologies and since the concept of wireless security, manufacturers have been making leaps and bounds, and nowadays, most wireless intruder alarms will have battery lives of up to three years!

When the intruder alarm sensor is triggered (by sound, vibration, or a change of temperature, such as that caused by somebody moving in front of a sensor) the sensor will send a signal to the alarm control panel. The alarm control panel will then activate an internal and/or external audible and visual alarm.

If the intruder alarm installed is the type that can send a signal to a remote alarm receiving centre (ARC) it will do so and the ARC will carry out your instructions to inform a range of people, such as a professional keyholding service, you, or another keyholder. Once the ARC has received a confirmation signal from the alarm system the ARC will inform the police if that is what you have arranged for.

Regardless if you’re having a wired or wireless intruder alarm/burglar alarm installed by one of Alpha 1 System’s installation engineers, on installation:

  • The engineer will walk test the various sensors to make sure they are working correctly, and within the coverage set out for them
  • The engineer will show you how to use the system and explain how it works
  • You should read the instructions you are given and ensure that any maintenance log is kept in an easy to find place – usually near the power supply cabinet, or the intruder alarm control panel
  • Ensure that your family members/neighbours/friends you trust know how to operate the system (keyholders and contacts being dialled from the alarm control panel)