Site Connectivity Solutions

Site Connectivity Solutions

Alpha 1 Systems are able to offer a range of Inter-site connectivity solutions, depending on your requirements. From 3G and Wireless Fidelity equipment, to laser data equipment that not only transmits at the speed of light, but is able to handle a vast amount of data, in a small amount of time. Half-duplex and Full-duplex equipment are available, with TDM and FDM options. We are pleased to be able to also offer a HDM solution (Hybrid Division Multiplexing), which calculates and smartly utilises the best of both worlds of TDM and FDM.

A Wireless Inter-Site Connectivity solution can be used for:

  • Remote Server Access to transmit and receive files
  • Remote Printer and other equipment access
  • IP CCTV with remote monitoring possibilities
  • IP Phone Systems so you don’t have to install multiple systems, and can have all of your telecommunications assets in one building, with all of your lines entering one place
  • Wi-Fi Networks to extend your coverage area
  • Ethernet Bridges to enable two or more sites to exist on the network as one
  • Enterprise Networks – High speed and bandwidth requirements can be met with the latest technology – say goodbye to microwave links and expensive satellite communications
  • Carrier Backhauls – running at speeds of Full-Duplex Gigabit and with ranges of over 14km

Benefits of Wireless Inter-Site Connectivity:

Reduced Installation Times

As we could have your equipment fitted and installed in a matter of days from your order date

Lower costs

Installation-of-fibre costs are not required, and no civil works are required to be carried out. Depending on your application, you may also save by centralising

Redundancy Pathways

In the event of failure at one site of the telecommunications, you could carry on as though nothing had happened by pointing your equipment to the other site, over the wireless bridge

Flexible Bandwidth

From speeds of a few Megabytes per second, to over 1.2 Gigabytes / second, tell us what you need, and we’ve got the solution for you

Low Latency

10 Ms ping for Home or Office WiFi may be super-fast for your mobile phone or laptop, but throw in a few thousand employees, each sending/receiving emails and internet packets, coupled with VoIP and IP Conferencing, and you couldn’t settle for anything less than the speed of light… How does Laser sound?


Whether you’re connecting two buildings, or several, we’ve got the solution that’s right for you