Business Broadband

Business Broadband

Broadband Internet Access allows for high speed Internet access. ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) is a type of broadband. ADSL uses telephone lines, but on a different frequency so it can be used at the same time as the telephone.

Surfwise offers a comprehensive range of business broadband solutions to suit all of your Internet requirements. Powered by a world-class network infrastructure and supported by unrivalled customer service and technical support, Surfwise broadband is a fantastic solution for of your broadband requirements.

We have developed a complete set of broadband services designed to keep data flowing in a business environment.

Features and Benefits of our Business Broadband offering:


Up to 40Mb downstream and 10Mb upstream, making our Fibre the most powerful DSL product available on the existing infrastructures

Guaranteed Throughput

Up to 12Mb Guaranteed throughput ensures high level performance even during busy periods

Increased Productivity

Fibre Broadband gives businesses the power to run real time applications over a DSL technology

Easy to Switch

Re-grade from existing Surfwise products or other DSL providers quickly and efficiently

Regular Order Confirmations

Updates every stage of the order process, including order acceptance, delivery date confirmation, installation, missed appointment and order completion


The ability to choose service profiles for stability and throughput

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