Business VoIP / SIP Lines

Business VoIP / SIP Lines


Our business grade service connects to Tier 1 IP backbones and our team of engineers are continually monitoring the networks to source the true least cost route for call traffic. A feature of SIP Lines is the possibility of using an array of local dialling codes regardless of the premise’s true geographic location. This offers powerful sales and marketing opportunities for you.



Allows users to make full use of VoIP benefits and significant cost savings on calls and equipment. This is a fantastic alternative to traditional voice telephony. SIP Termination is a least cost routing option for outbound routing only.

SIP Termination makes the potential for ROI far greater by taking the idea of VoIP a step further, beyond the LAN application. The full potential for IP communications can be realized only when the communication is taken outside of the corporate LAN.



SIP Trunking eliminates the need to purchase Basic Rate Interfaces (BRI), Primary Rate Interfaces (PRIs), or local PSTN gateways thus lowering your telephony costs. SIP Trunking reduces or eliminates the costs associated with the purchase of and the associated on-going support and maintenance costs of hardware media gateways.

SIP trunks handle the calls and distribute them accordingly. The SIP trunk gives you the ability to receive and send calls through an alternative route. It is in effect a LCR option or indeed a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution, where any number on our network, connected via a SIP Trunk or a normal telephone line, can be forwarded to any other location such as a home phone or mobile.



  • Unlimited channels for local, national, and international calls
  • Programmable caller ID
  • Intelligent routing and direct carrier peering
  • Separate signalling and audio facilities for DTMF reliability & flexibility (RFC-2833)
  • Termination of VoIP originated minutes via a TDM or IP handoff
  • Public or private SIP interconnection for IP voice traffic
  • Full geographic redundancy