Call Logging

Call Logging

We at Alpha 1 Systems use only a market leading product of call accounting, or call logging, software. It is designed to provide companies with detailed insight into their voice systems.

Whether you reserve Managerial access to your personal computer, or simply wait for the scheduled reports to come in via email, or whether you would like to display real-time call reports on a monitor or separate screen for visibility, all is well with our Call Logging Solution.


The principle business needs that it addresses are:

Cost and revenue optimization

Analyse telephone costs in real time. Respond to cost triggers and trends. Compare multiple carrier rates.

Cost allocation within a company

Assign costs to departments and employees for chargeback. Schedule cost reports to Finance and Human Resources teams.

Service billing

Allocate costs to account codes and produce billing reports for client phone usage.

Network optimisation

Monitor effectiveness of network, network utilisation, and network capacity in real time. Respond to real time triggers and trends. Identify over-utilised and under-utilised trunks. Monitor call-routing effectiveness, abandoned calls, agent utilisation and many other network aspects.

Staff activity

Report on employee calling activities and patterns. Measure key performance indicators (KPIs).

Security and compliance

Monitor telecom activity and set thresholds to alert on suspected fraudulent activity. Monitor telephony systems to ensure availability of this business critical infrastructure.

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