Music on Hold

Music on Hold

Many leading companies have realised the potential of playing music to their customers holding for telephone services. From license-free/royalty-free on hold music/messages shipped with our units, to professionally recorded on hold messages and license paid tracks, we’ve got you covered for your business taste, brand, and budget!



By using music on hold on your telephone system you can enable:

happy 100×100 Longer holding time

brand-icon 100×100 Brand perception

Entertainment 100×100 Entertainment for your customers


How do you get the most out of music on hold?

To get the most out of music on hold follow our handy tips:

  • Change your music frequently.
  • Match music to your customer profile.
  • Choose music to reflect and reinforce the image you want for your company.
  • Use music to make your company stand out.
  • Don’t cut costs with your telephone image.


Why use a CD when you can use MP3? Our range of MP3 Music On Hold players connect to any PBX and provides music and messages to callers put on hold. They’re simple to use; just drag and drop MP3 files to the unit via a USB port and up to 32MB of data can be held on the flash memory, equivalent to 60 minutes of messages.